Apr 22, 2006


The best thing for someone who journals is to travel. Everything is new to the eyes. I visited Washington DC and I wanted to sketch everything in sight. Unfortunately I was only there for an afternoon. Now that summer is here I will be traveling around much more. I'm probably going to be visiting Vienna and Prague for my honeymoon. That's good news because I will be doing a whole lot of drawing to be seen here. Stay tuned.


EvK said...

hey there,
being friend of Jenda Krcmar I've learned about you and your work from his U.S.blog..
've been checking out your blog and web site for a while and I really really like what you are doing. keep it goin!
If you have some time to travel around the Czech Republic once you are here for your honeymoon, you should definitely come to the historic town of Tabor (where I come from;visit http://www.cesta.cz for some info about the local artists or http://www.tabor.cz) or Olomouc (where I study and which is a very nice historic city in the Eastern part of the republic, http://www.olomoucko.cz)
have fun until then and enjoy upcomin summer

Sioux said...

Love your blog...keep it coming!

Mattias said...

wonderful linework, great stuff on your site as well