Apr 10, 2006


I was just a little kid growing up during the Vienam War. It made me nervous because as I got older, it was looking like I may have to go. The war ended when I was eighteen. Over the years, I wanted to know more about it. It seemed scary to me how much our government lied to us on a daily basis about body counts and how we were winning. We were led to believe we were saving Vietnam from being overtaken by communist China. That theory turned out to be wrong. Just because Vietnam is communist doesn't mean they wanted to be ruled by China. They would have fought China as long and hard as they fought us. The war protesters at the time were called commies and traitors. Yet in hindsight they were the ones who were really pro military. They saved the lives of thousands of American soldiers by eventually forcing our government to get the hell out of there. Vietnam is now still communist but they are also a good trading partner and friend. The war served no purpose. Now we have our current government caught in daily lies about the Iraq war. The same kind of "you're either with us or against us" mentality prevails. All protesters are labeled anti-military when in fact they might be the ones who don't want to see soldiers being killed for some political agenda. We were all for going to Afghanistan so it's not like these protesters are just anti any war. There was no reason for this war. Worse is that the planners thought it would be a cakewalk. They seem shocked and stunned by what is happening there now. Their only plan is to say everything is fine and going according to plan. So like the sixties, maybe it's the war protesters who are really pro military and will come to the rescue again.

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