Apr 11, 2006

Number One

It only took me three weeks but now if you do a google search and type in Tommy Kane I come up number one. I used to type in my name and nothing would happen. It would be fifty stories about a pro football player with the same name or a counrty singer or some actor. Not anymore. Mr. Football dude must be stunned. How did artist boy jump ahead? The funny thing is I started to read about Tommy Kane the football player. He was a wide reciever for the Seattle Seahawks for five years. 142 receptions, 2034 yards and 9 touchdowns. Then I came across a story that said he was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Turns out he murdered his wife. He did it at his own mother's house. Tommy dragged her by the hair into the kitchen, smashed har face against the floor then fatally stabbed her in the neck. Kane was born in Montreal, no relation to me. Now that I come up number one on a google search it seems that sometimes nice guys do finish first.


Felicity said...

Nice story (well, happy ending anyway!) Sounds like my husband, he shares his name with a baseball player but I think it would take a miracle to knock him off his No.1 slot! Isn't it spooky how the two killers have passive, almost sad, faces?

Alina Chau said...

Thank you for writing my and visit my blog!! Love your blog, it's like an artistic visual journal!! Very social conscious and always filled with great themes!

Darkprince said...

sorry you share the name with this monster. Tammy Shaikh was my friend and a beautiful spirit - snuffed away by this demon. Your drawing should depict him with horns a fork and a tail - he is the devil and I hope he burns in hell!

Seo Oj said...

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