Apr 22, 2006

Missing In Action

I'm fascinated by the whole Natalee Holloway case. How can someone just disappear off the planet? Was she abducted by aliens? Believe it or not, it's been a year since she has been missing. They keep arresting dudes and releasing them. How can there be no trace of her? This is not what happens on shows like CSI and America's Most Wanted. I realize that millions of people go missing each year but this is the person the news chose to make a story of. And what a story it is. I wonder if we'll ever find out what the hell happened. If it was an alien abduction that would be a bummer. Whenever it's an alien incident we never find out any facts. Those aliens are great at covering stuff up. I don't know about you but I need to know what happened. Only time will tell.


Karen said...

Yes, so very sad ... and what a heartache for her parents not to know. I hope they find an answer some day.

Unearthly abduction? Who knows ... the Caribbean is the home of the Bermuda Triangle after all.

A great drawing, as always, Tommy.

Anonymous said...

It was a coverup plain and simple.