Apr 10, 2006

Life And Death Decision

The argument over the death penalty for me isn't about these big high profile cases. Yes, Zarcarius Moussaoui was involved in a horrible act. Yes, Timothy McVeigh is a monster. Yes, the world is full of serial murderers and child rapists. But the world is also full of us, people. We are not perfect. We make mistakes, lots of them. Sometimes we the people are on juries and sometimes we are swayed by false testimony. Sometimes people have an ax to grind and put forth phony evidence. People feel this person is guilty so they tamper and taint a little, just to make sure there is a conviction. Then there is the color of people's skin or they talk a little funny. What the death penalty is about is the little guy, not the high profile cases on CNN. There are hundreds of people let out of death row all the time because we found out in hindsight that they were completely innocent. It's very easy to want to kill a thousand Moussaoui's or McVeigh's, but if that also means we accidentally kill an innocent person once in a while then is it woth it? I say no. It's easy for me to say this because I've never had anyone drive a plane into a loved one or blow up anyone I know. But I get tired of seeing people released after serving eighteen years for something they didn't do. Think of all the innocent people our country must have executed over the years thinking we were doing the right thing.

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