Apr 10, 2006

Jammin' Jenny

When I visit my friend Jenny in Maryland, there usually isn't a lot for me to do in the house. So I end up doing a lot of drawing. There isn't a lot to draw either so I make do with what's available. I was spending time drawing stuff in her refrigerator. Skippy peanut butter jars, Ginseng jars, tropicana orange juice. Jenny likes to watch what I'm doing, because it is so ridiculous. She asked if I would draw something for her. Jenny gave me this jar of jam. It's her favorite thing in the world. All jams come in the same short round jar. This one breaks the mold of jam packaging. For some reason, it caught her eye in a Korean supermarket. When she came to America, she was schocked to find it in the first supermarket she went into. I'm telling this nutty story because of how my sketches actually help me to bond with people. It's like we did this drawing together. She even wrote some thoughts in Korean on my sketch. When I got back to New York, I scanned it and made a nice print which I framed for her. So instead of sitting around watching television, I got to do a drawing about Jenny which will hang in her apartment. She now has a conversation piece to brag to all her friends and neighbors about. I've got a new item for my blog.


"Maggie" said...

Nice pen and ink and the colors really make this pop! Love "The Street", reminds me of when I lived in California and the homes in San Francisco. Also, "Quote The Raven", nice colors.

Felicity said...

This is simply wonderful, I keep coming back to your blog to see the artwork. I can't use pens but I really wish I could after seeing your drawings. I very much enjoyed looking at your sketchbooks too - any chance of you publishing these? I've ordered Danny Gregory's book - I'm delighted you have some work in there too!

Anonymous said...

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