Apr 12, 2006

Is Everybody Happy

I watched a replay on ESPN of Dick Cheney throwing out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals home opener. He was loudly booed. But I wonder in his head does he hear cheers? The same day he threw out the pitch I scanned the news from Iraq. In the city of Tel Afar a bomber blew up a vegetable market killing three and wounding seven. A car bomb in Khalis killed two and wounded twenty three. In Baghdad a bomber killed a policeman and two civilians while wounding four. Three american soldiers were killed in two seperate incidents. In Baquba a bomb killed twenty and wounded forty at a shiite mosque. Also in Baghdad gunmen killed three government employees. Three other civilians were also killed along with a photographer. Now whenever I see Cheney or Bush giving a speech on television there is always tons of smiling cheering white people behind them. Obviously these are hand picked cheering robots. The Republicans were not able to fill Washington's baseball stadium with white cheering robot people. Mr. Cheney actually had to face real citizens and just like Iraq the outcome wasn't too good.


Anonymous said...

i read your comments daily instead of the newspaper. i think Im getting a better take on reality this way.

John Ediger said...

Love your drawings and your commentary!!

beadbabe49 said...

I think you've got a fine grasp of politics!