Apr 5, 2006

George Clooney

That's right, I said George Clooney. My good friend Tony Gilroy is a writer of Hollywood films. He's had quite a lot of success to say the least. He's written The Devil's Advocate, Dolores Claiborne, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, Armageddon, Proof of Life, and on and on. Anyway he is finally getting to direct his first movie which he also wrote. Turns out George Clooney is the star of his film. Tony was kind enough to invite me to the set to watch a scene being filmed. I was very excited about being able to draw and also to hang with George for eight hours. Sometimes I turn up in unusual places because I know a lot of freaks. People on the set were very interested in what I was doing. For them, it's not everyday they see some guy drawing everything in sight. Sometimes I forget the novelty of what I do. Anyway, I think the movie will come out in the fall. It's called Michael Clayton and it will most likely sweep the academy awards. You heard it here.

My friend danny Gregory of Everyday Matters did a 2 part podcast with me. You can check it out here.

I also have a post at The Drawing Club. You can check that out here.


TomD. said...

Man, these are some groovy-assed sketches! I love your crosshatching, sense of the comical and ironic. The drawing of the camera equipment is just excellent.

Cin said...

I love looking through your journal pages, you don't seem to have a problem capturing anything, beautiful work!

Karen said...

Great work, Tom,
It was nice to see you guest-posting on Drawing Club; I'll look forward to more of your terrific work.


Lindsay said...

Tom, I love your work and really enjoyed your pod cast over at Danny's. You were so honest and open. Blogging has really helped to encourage my drawing more and I've made some really cool cyber friends. I hope you will be posting all your stuff somewhere! I love it all.

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Lynn Cohen said...

I bet you stunned the crap out of them! LOL What fun for you and what fun for them too. It's cool I bet to know a lot of freaks and get into a lot of places ordinary folks don't get to. But then again, perhaps, it's just another job! A hard one too, as there are so many actors and just so many roles!