Apr 4, 2006

Delay Reaction

"He served our nation with integrity and honor." Say what? Come again? That's a quote from new majority leader John Boehner, a republican from Ohio. I think he was trying to be serious. Tom Delay has had to basically leave office because of so much corruption, lies and scandal. He was running a very cleverly concealed money laundering operation, for years I might add. His deputy chief of staff is going to prison. His pal Jack Abramoff is going to prison. But what I want to know is how can this dude Boehner, which sounds a lot like boner, make a statement like that with a straight face? If I said something like that in catholic school as a kid, I would have had my knuckles wacked bloody for lying. Serving this country with honor and integrity is to be honest and honorable, not to win at all cost. No wonder no one in this country believes a word any politician says these days.


frederick said...

Great Drawing as always Tommy,
I like your new series of notable political portraits. You are putting words out there for more than just your own satifsfaction, it helps me find focus on the rats in our midst. Thanks for taking the time to create and display commentary with your great illustrations.

sharon said...

Loved your comments and love your work! Often I suspect that most politicians are like Delay - a very sad (not to mention - disgusting) commentary on American politics. Am I being too cynical? At least we have your terrific talent to enjoy!