Apr 28, 2006


We all know it's hard to get things done. At my job doing an ad for a client sometimes takes forever. There are so many levels of people I have to go through, so many approvals, changes, fixes, suggestions. The only way things ever get done is because we have to meet deadlines. And sometimes that doen't even matter. I'm on the board of the Condo where I live in manhattan. Getting stuff done in our building is a slow labourious process. When we see our government in action it's amazing anything can get done. We read everyday about the waste of our tax money in Iraq. I read in the Times the other day about a Halliburton project. They were going to fix an Iraqi oil pipeline. They knew it couldn't be done BUT there was like 500 million bucks allocated to do it. So they shuffled through the motions for a few years and low and behold when some bureaucrat finally got around to checking things out he realized it couldn't be done. He asked how much money they spent. They said all of it of course. We saw a lumbering bureaucracy in action during Katrina. Then we have this guy above, John Negroponte, he was named by Bush to be the first national intelligence director. He's suppose to get these intel agencies all streamlined and integrated and talking to one another. Even Republicans don't like the job this guy's doing. What he's done instead is created a new lumbering bureaucracy that has done the exact opposite of what the job called for. Seems like Katrina and 9/11 haven't really changed anything. What we need is a great leader, someone we can all look up to, someone to unite and inspire us. I think it's pretty crystal clear to the whole world and even to staunch Republicans that George W. is just not the guy. And never was. We need to get rid of all the Rumsfelds, Cheneys, Michael Browns and Negropontes and give some new idiots a chance to screw things up. They can't do any worse than these guys.


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