Mar 10, 2006

World Hunger

There is a young writer in my office named John Kim. He asked me if i wanted to help him do some ads for a charity. I broke out into a little rendition of "we are the world, we are the children." First we had to find an orginization that needed some help from a few swarmy advertising creatives. John's sister had a friend who worked at an orginization called The MIllennium Promise. Check them out at He contacted them and sure enough they needed an ad and like pronto. Turns out Oprah Winfrey heard about this joint and wanted to donate a free page in her magazine for them to run an ad and get some publicity. John called at just the right moment. Of course they needed it right away which didn't give us much time to think of something. Creatives like to take a lot of time to come up with ads because we are usually stoned or hungover. Anyway John and i worked together for two afternoons coming up with stuff at a photo shoot we were doing for Georges Dubouef wine. There was five ads we really liked. The nice people at Millennium Promise were blown away by what we came up with. One of the ads will be in O magazine's next issue. I have to give John most of the credit on this one. They are really his ideas. It's nice for a change to be involved in doing ads for a worhty cause. Usually i'm busy doing ads for chemical companies, cigarette makers, booze and firearms distributors. The tagline above the website says, "Ensure that ours is the last generation to know poverty."

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