Mar 1, 2006


I draw in all different types of journals. The hardest to sketch in is the small moleskine. I use them because they fit into my pocket and i can take them with me anytime. My other books i need to carry in a man purse. It's not so easy drawing in that little space. It might be fine for some people but i need room to get my groove going. I feel like i'm trying to thread a needle when i draw in those little suckers. Don't get me wrong, i do some real nice drawings in them but it is a wrestling match. Each time i finish one i say to myself, i will never buy one of those little things again. Here i am about to finish one up and what did i go and do. Bought another one. What a dope.

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Lindsay said...

Tom, welcome to the world of blogging. I really enjoyed the journal entries in your web page and I've subscribed to your blog. Good Luck and I hope you have a fun time with it all.
I too struggle with the small yet portable moleskins. I am most comfortable with a 9x12 book and thank god I'm a woman and can carry a purse that size without fear of gender confusion.