Mar 29, 2006

The Street

When I draw on the street I am mainly approached by two groups of people. African american men and Chinese men. They seem to be the most curious and have the least amount of inhibitions about approaching people they don't know on the street. I'm not saying this is 100% the case and i'm not making any kind of racist observation. But it happens in such large numbers that I find it worth noting. I like being approached on the street by strangers. It's great when they ask if they can thumb through my work and we talk about it for a while. When I was in Venice, Chinese tourists would come up to me while I was drawing and literally take the book out of my hand without asking and pass it around to each other. Sometimes in large tour groups. I really found I loved when that happened. They had no qualms doing it. Chinese men would sit squatting next to me jammed so close with their face inches from the paper while I drew. It was amazing. I can't explain how good that made me feel. But no one else does that. No one wants to invade anyone's space. When I drew this firehouse I was approached by some of the firemen. They loved my drawing so I sent them some prints. They wrote me and said one is framed and hanging proudly in their firehouse on 18th street. So the lesson is good things can happen when you interact with total strangers on the street.

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Amanda said...

wow. stunning. Well, if I ever see you on the street I'll know it's ok to rip the book right out of your hands.