Mar 13, 2006

Quote The Raven

My friend Frankie Vigilante loves to drink at the Raven on the corner of 12th street and avenue A. If you pop your head in most any time, he'll be there. It was his home away from home. He even had all of the bartenders attend his wedding and it was up in Buffalo. I recieved a call from Frankie the other morning. He told me he was sitting at his usual stool the evening before at around 6:30 PM. Some dude was working on the boiler in the basement. He came running up and said everyone has to get out. The whole downstairs was on fire. Frankie said he took off. He even left money sitting on the bar. The whole place went up quickly. They were able to run into the building and get all the residents upstairs safely out. It's a total loss. Just like Katrina it makes you realize just how fragile everything is. Well at least no one was hurt. Now we'll have to discover a different place to hang out and make some new friends.


Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Your website has become a great habit for me. I love this portrait. Did you do it on site?

Karen at Pen in Hand said...
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Sioux said...

Really liked this journal page. Great picture and sad, but, good story. Good for you!!