Mar 6, 2006

Oscar Meyer

The most interesting thing about the Oscars for me was that i knew three people whose names were mentioned during the show. The most famous being Ang Lee. I met Ang twenty five years ago through my friend Pat Lango. Pat was a bike messenger at the time. He also happened to be a gifted writer. He'd somehow gotten mixed up with some producers from a company owned by Saturday Night Live. They would pair up talented young writers and directors. Pat asked me if he could use my apartment during the day to work with his partner because his place was too small. His partner turned out to be Ang. He was fresh out of NYU film school. He gave me his student film in the hopes i could get him some work directing commercials. I showed his film to everyone in my office at the time but they were nervous because he just graduated and had never done a commercial before. I was a very young kid and had no pull. I should mention his student film was quite amazing. It was a Romeo and Juliet type story set in modern chinatown and little italy. The story revolved around a young italian american police officer with ties to the mob who grew up on mulberry street and his love affair with a chinese girl from a strict family. There are great tensions because the chinese are buying up most of little italy at the time. The italian hold on the neighborhood is steadily slipping away. Anyway i was happy he won. The next person i knew was Arianne Phillips. She was a stylist who worked on all of my early advertising jobs. She was up for Best Costumes for "Walk The Line." She didn't win. Last but not least, my friend Keith Young was mentioned. He was a choreographer i met twenty years ago through an ex-girlfriend. When i started making music videos for MTV my director, Ken Nahoum, asked if i knew any choreographers and he was a bit shocked when i said "yes i did." Last night when Three 6 Mafia won for the best song with "It's hard out here for a Pimp," i was surprised to hear the first person they thanked was their choreographer Keith Young. After a while i waiting for my name to be mentioned.

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