Mar 1, 2006


I don't know if you've seen that movie "The Aquatic Life?" Everyone i know who saw it hated it. So i never bothered to watch it. Then one day there it was staring at me from the shelf of the video store. I had very little expectations and low and behold, i dug the movie. The best thing about it was the music. There is this portugese sailor on the ship and every once in a while he is sitting on deck with a guitar singing. Each time he would sing i would say, "what the hell song is that?' I would know it but couldn't quite place it. Then i would realize it was David Bowie. It would happen again and again in the movie. Each time i couldn't place the song. Finally i would recognize some Ziggy Stardust tune. By the fifth song i finally got what was going on. If you haven't seen the movie or even if you have, get the soundtrack. It's very trippy and there are a lot of extra Bowie tunes that weren't in the film. The album is "The Life Aquatic studio sessions" by Seu Jorge. You'll love it if you dig David Bowie.

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