Mar 29, 2006

Marilyn Manson

My friend Jun is a legend in New York City nightlife. When she exits a cab in front of a club the seas part. She is beloved by the wildest underground club kids in the world. I usually go the bed at eleven and i struggle to just stay up that late. I have forced myself lately to go out with Jun because it is such a scene to be with her. Tuesday night she took me to Susan Barsch's Happy Valley party in a club on 27th street. On this night Marilyn Manson's wife Dita Von Teese was performing. Jun and i were right up front. Dita does a burlesque show. The grand fianle is her practically nude in a giant martini glass full of sudsy water. She was splashing around quite a bit. I didn't get wet because Jun's wig blocked any water that might have reached me. As far as these perfomance things go i must say this Dita babe was quite something. I only lasted until about one thirty. I was a bit overwhelmed by the smoke. You are not allowed to smoke in bars in New York but there must be some rule i don't know about. Transvestites, lesbians, drag queens and outragously dressed japanese divas can smoke to their hearts content. It's comforting to know that while i sleep soundly each night, there is lots of wild activity going on all around my neighborhood.

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