Mar 30, 2006

Immigrant Song

El Jefe Bush was in Mexico recently at a summit to discuss ways workers may enter the U.S. legally to work for a few years. A guest worker program. Conservative Republicans are against anyone being let in to this country unless they are white and Republican. That's not really true but it is funny. My feeling is that Bush seems to have it right on this one. We need to be a country very open to immigration. I have some friends from Russia and Japan whose lives were very disrupted after 9/11. They started to get hassled by employers who were scared. They seem to be having visa problems they didn't have before. Basically it was very difficult to be in America if you were foreign. A few left. We have like 12 million undocumented workers here. The vast majority are hard working people who dig america and would love to live here permanently. We also have a system that doesn't work. Sometimes you have to throw convention out the window. I like Bush's idea of letting immigrants get a work permit if they have a job, work for 6 years, and pay their taxes, they then get put on the fast track to citizenship. They're going to be here regardless. Let's be welcoming. I compare it to the marijuana laws in this country. It's always been illegal but half the country is doing it or selling it or buying it. It is known to be less potent than beer or cigarettes that kill you. But we continue with these stupid laws instead of legalizing it and collecting taxes on it. Just like our immigration laws, they don't work. So instead of the status quo Bush is willing to try address it. And just like our dumb pot laws have no effect we should not be afraid to try something different and see what happens. Or who knows i could be totally wrong like i usually am.

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