Mar 13, 2006

Giving Birth

I feel like a dad. My website is finally launched. It has been a long slow agonizing process. Having no computer skills, it always seemed like a pipe dream to have my own blog and website. But i never gave up. It was a series of a thousnad little obstacles followed by a thousand little victories. Angelo is a guy i work with who knows his way around computers. He said i had to start by getting all my ads together in the form of high rez jpgs. It was a big pain in the ass. I had to track down all my old stuff. Lots of scanning. It took a few weeks to get all of that straightened out. Next was how to deal with my paintings and sculptures i have in my apartment. I tried to shoot them with my digital camera but they looked like crap. I was doing a shoot with my friend Chris Collins and i mentioned to him my dilemma. He said his retoucher Dan photographs the artwork for Sotherby's. As a favor to me Chris had Dan and his assistant Weston come to my place and set up a studio in my apartment. We spent ten hours lighting and photographing all of my large paintings. It was a huge undertaking. Dan took a few weeks to retouch everything. Angelo showed me how to size everything for the web. I had to get all my tv commercials together. My friend Monte helped me do that and he gave it to me in formats for the web. I wrote and designed my stupid bio. Next i had to find someone to put it all together. I searched for people on the web but they all wanted five grand to do it. I told them i designed the whole thing, the look, the architecture. I will even give them everything on disks already sized and ready for the web. They didn't care, five grand. I asked some friends to recommend people but no one returned my calls. All these cats must be real busy. I was at Chris's studio a few weeks later talking about my troubles trying to get someone to help me. His receptionist Leila told me she had a friend who might be able to help me. I called and he said i just needed a technician. That's how i met Angie Garcia. She came into my life to save me. She was busy so it took quite a few weeks to finish but finally the day has arrived to launch my webite. is born and i couldn't be more proud.

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Maureen, Craig, Megan, Laura, and Kaitlyn said...

Happy birthday Uncle Tom! we love your website.
very cool