Mar 13, 2006

Evil Doers

I'm very new to all this blogging stuff and believe me i don't know a thing about computers. is such an easy site that i didn't need too much help getting started. I noticed that some other boggers didn't use the provided templates. Somehow they were creating their own designs. Then i read about a site called: It's great and very easy to use. Even an idiot like me had very little trouble. Through quite a bit of trial and error i finally arrived on my page design. Being an artist i still had a few little changes i wanted to make. I was having trouble figuring out where a certain thing was in the html code on my blogger template. So i sent an e-mail to Aideen, he created the site. He's a very young kid in Tehran, Iran. To my astonishment he wrote back to me the very next day. It's amazing the connections you can make on the internet. A close friend told me she wanted to buy a rug on e-bay. She noticed the seller was in Afghanistan. That fact stopped her from making the transaction because she said she dosen't trust what our goverment is up to. You never know when you can get put on some list, or send up a little red flag somewhere because of who you are communicating with overseas. I usually don't think about that kind of stuff. My friend is from Japan so sometimes she gets hassled at american airports and taken in to little rooms for questioning. Me on the other hand like the fact i can make friends with a kid in Iran. It's important that real people make connections with each other while our mutual governments embarrass the hell out of us on a daily basis. George W. Bush and Hilary Clinton sure as hell couldn't help me out with my html issues but thankfully my friend in Tehran can. The more we make friends with each other the harder it will be for our governments to want to push each other towards a you know what.


mwgrl5 said...

Every time I try to access, I am given an error message by Internet Explorer. Are you aware of any problems with the site? You're not the first to recommend this site, and I really want to try it out. Thank you for any help you can provide!

Anonymous said...

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