Mar 14, 2006

Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne are seen here celebrating in Wyoming. The Vice President is so happy to see his approval ratings hovering around zero. He was quoted as saying " i haven't had approval ratings this high in about three years." He's obviously looking to spend the political capital he has suddenly come into. Sources close to Cheney, who aren't in jail or under indictment, say he is thinking about cherry picking information to get us into wars with North Korea and Iran. These wars will probably occur as we get closer to the 2006 elections. In the meantime he and his old lady will be enjoying a nice bowl of squirrel soup.

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dvavasour said...

I think your work is wonderful! Heard about you through Danny Gregory's website and I've added you to my favorites. I've been browsing your journals and think they're just fantastic! Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing and please don't stop.
(P.S. The guy in the photo doesn't seem quite frightening enough to be Dick Cheney. He looks mean enough in a suit at a podium. I can't imagine how scary he must look with a gun in his hand.)