Mar 28, 2006


Terrell Owens got signed by the Dallas Cowboys. He is one nutty dude. All the articles I read said he will do well there but only because if he doesn't it could be over for him. Bill Parcells is at the end of his career so it's now or never for him too. We will all be watching just in case it all blows up. That's what we really want to see anyway. Deep down Cowboy fans hate T.O. They remember when he dissed them in their own stadium. It's sort of like watching Yankee fans pretend they are happy with Johnny Damon. Oh yeah, we like really love him. Every fantasy football coach will take a pass on Terrell next year. But at some point someone will have to pull the trigger. They won't be happy about it though. Me, i'm a Buffalo Bills fan and I would have been thrilled to root for him if he went to Buffalo. Yes i'm as big a hypocrite as everyone else. I am happy to see him with the Cowboys because I predict he will once again unravel. Don't forget, Drew "hands of stone" Bledsoe is tossing him the ball.

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