Mar 10, 2006

Boy George

I was happy to read in the papers the other day that Boy George will not go to trial for his cocaine bust in New York City. The reason i was happy is because my good friend Kyoko was the girl who happened to be at his apartment that night. Knowing Kyoko, it's hard to imagine her as a witness in a trial. I had dinner with her the night before the alleged incident occurred. Kyoko is from Japan and her english is very rough and hard to completely understand. Let me put it this way, even if she spoke perfect english she would be hard to understand. When you ask her a question her thoughts run all over the place. Say for example you asked her what happened the night she was arrested at George's house, she might launch into a diatribe about Janice Dickenson stealing items she admired from her friends apartment. Or she could start getting upset that her gym won't allow her to smoke cigarettes while she's working out. You get the idea. Anyway the police had to be worried that she was a potential witness. The notes they took the night they questioned her must be hilarious. The second she would have opened her mouth on the witness stand you could have sent everyone home. Case thrown out. Plus you have to see her in person. She dresses like a drag queen. Clothes she makes herself. She has bright pink hair but sometimes she wears a blond wig. The full effect is quite something. My friend Jun and Kyoko have been close friend's with Boy George for years. Now that this is behind them they can get back to doing what they do best, going out to clubs every night till the break of dawn dressed like sexy circus clowns.


Anonymous said...

You know, you are a great writer. I immediately got who Kyoko was like.
It was a pleasure to find you in this way--- has it been 3 & 1/2 years since I bumped into you in East Village? It was a few days before I would leave NY for LA, and also was the first meeting with you for a number of years. I am teaching cinema and Japanese culture in LA while writing a PhD dissertaion on the city of Tokyo, the modern girls and boys in Japanese cinema during the 1920s and 30s. Hmmmmm, you are right about me--- I am still keeping my old habit of collecting degrees.
I was at Trader Joes ( know, a local health-food-oriented supermarket) and humming You Know You'll Miss Me (? correct?) with the ambient music. I loved my high school days with Culture Club, Wham!, and Madonna, in the 80s.
Glad to know you are happy. With all my love, Sachiko

Cin said...

visiting your blog because of Danny Gregory's link, your journal drawings are amazing, so glad you're blogging and allowing us to peek inside them!

Anonymous said...


ps. me and my dad might make a second skateboard you can come check it out sometime if ya want or you could come help us out on it!!

PPS sorry couldn't figure out a password so I'm just being anonymous.....