Mar 13, 2006


Two and a half years ago i shaved my head. It was the best thing i've ever done. You eliminate so much hassle from your life. I really don't need a mirror anymore. No more shampoo, conditioner, comb, brush, hairdryer, gel, you name it. I bought one of those professional buzzers and i do it myself once a week. Although there was something nice about going to the barber. Now maybe once a year i go to my old russian guy on 14th street. It's a disgusting little place but he gives a great shave. Maybe i'll go for a spring cleaning. Get the old face and dome professionally shaved. It's a great experience getting shaved by someone who really knows what they're doing. The first time i did it i was in Italy with my friend Pat Lango. I was so amazed by what the barber did at certain places on my face. I was like, oh that's what i'm supposed to do by my chin and lips. Now i get it. When he was done i didn't have to shave for two weeks. I'm going to get it done for my birthday. March 30th.


Peter... N. Alabama said...

It's funny the memories barber chairs bring back. For me it is the odor of the nasty aftershave barbers use and the old fart that sliced my ear with his industrial strength Flobee...

Anonymous said...

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Lex vd Oudeweetering said...

Like Peter the drawing of the chair brings back memories of a barbershop. My memory goes back to my childhood. A barbershop (Amsterdam, I was born there) where they had three wooden animals to put kids on to have a haircut. I remember the zebra and the giraffe. Can't seem to remember the third one.