Mar 9, 2006


I'm not a good writer at all. I've never done much of it. I have problems enough trying to read a book or two. But i do love this blogging stuff. I feel i don't have to write too much or be too clever or impress anyone. It's a nice little place to archive my musings. Also it is a great way for a beginner like me to practice writing. I mostly do it to post my drawings. Writing a little paragraph helps my sketches come to life a bit more. Hopefully if i can keep this up i'll improve over time. Maybe the thing to do is check back to this blog every couple of years to see if my writings are getting any better. Somehow i doubt it though.

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Anonymous said...

I learned to type in the 4th grade of my catholic school. It made me feel very grown up, imagining a life as a sophisticated executive secretary. As a result of this early catholic training, I am a very fast typer -- but did not choose a career in wordprocessing or secretarial work. They say now that people who typed on typewriters did not develop carpal tunnel like those of us on keyboards. That's because your arms, shoulders are in motion, much more so when using a typewriter vs. a computer. Remember you had to hit the return carrier, not simply hit 'enter' to get to the next line? Anyway, I would love to get an old typewriter like this one.