Feb 26, 2006

Zoo York

Danny Gregory and i went to the Cental Park zoo to sketch on sunday. It was friggin cold. Nothing bothers us though because we love drawing so much. After the zoo we went to the Wolman skating rink. I drew the skyline beyond the park. When we were done and walking to the subway i brought something up to Danny that had been on my mind. I asked him if he thought it was weird that George W. Bush's Vice President shot a guy in the face while quail hunting and that by coincidence his father had a Vice President who just happened to be named Quayle. I told him i'd heard a hundred jokes but not one had made the quail, Quayle connection. Was it just an impossible task to make a joke out of this? I don't know the answer but it is strange given what a joke Dan Quayle was considered. My business is full of writers with plenty of free time. They spend most of their day surfing the net and coming up with jokes. Everyone from Leno to Letterman to Jon Stewart seemed to draw a blank on this one. If anyone's solved it, e-mail me i'd love to hear.


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