Feb 26, 2006

Target Practice

Our Vice President shot a lawyer in the face the other day with a shotgun. Now we know why he received five deferments. My friend who hunts says an accident that like occurs when you clearly don't have a clue of what you're doing. All this Dick Cheney is a hunting woodsman gun toter is a lot of smoke and mirrors, i say. When hunting birds you form a line and only shot what is forward of you. Old dick swung the gun around and was blasting to the backside. Plus he had a cold brewsky beforehand. I asked my friend to look on the hunting blog sites to see what all the hunters were saying. He went to all his favorites and guess what? Not even a mention. It was all censored. All of it, on every site we searched. Spooky. Here we are fighting a war for people to have so called freedom and The NRA republican hunting dudes were all censoring their sites to help out dead eye Dick.

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