Feb 26, 2006

Photo Magazine Article

The latest issue of Photo District News (Feb 2006) has an article about my friend Chris Collins. You can view his photography work if you click on his name on my links. Part of the article talks about shooting a shoe for an ad we did together for Steve Madden. Collins and i have collaborated on many campaigns over the past fifteen years.The articles in this magazine are very technical. It's for professional photographers. When i am mentioned in these things i'm usually referred to as the asshole who had little to do with what was going on. And that my freinds, would be completely accurate. A few months ago they did a story on my friend Eva Mueller. That article also talked about ads we had done together. You can also check out her work on my links. It's always nice to get a little free publicity from your talented friends. If you spend a little time trolling my links you may find a lot of talented people. Most are friends of mine. The rest are people whose art work i have acquired over the years. It's definately a nice collection of freaks. You can check back from time to time because i will always be expanding my list. In New York you get to meet so many unusual people.

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