Feb 26, 2006


Laura Bush visited the new Pope today. She is on her was to the Olympics in Torino. I wonder how difficult it is for her to travel around meeting people overseas. This summer i spent a month in Australia, a week in Hong Kong, a Week in Amsterdam, a week in Rome and a week in Venice. Everywhere i went, the second people realized i was american the first thing they wanted to know is, "how could you have voted for that George Bush fellow?" And i do mean every person. In Sydney i was staying next to an Australian naval base so i ran into a lot of sailors at the local pubs. Every one of them hated our President Bush, and these are our allies. It was very depressing to have to go through this routine again and again. Telling them that i did not vote for him and explain that there is a large part of america that feels the same way they did. It was the first time i was not proud to be from america. When Laura Bush goes around Italy i wonder if they hire actors and pay them to pretend to be ordinary citizens or does she get the same treatment i got everywhere. Trying to explain away the mess her husband has caused in the world must be a gruelling task.

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