Feb 26, 2006

Movie Going

Lately i hate going to movie theatres. The other night i went with my girlfriend to see "Capote." We met in front of the theatre at 5: 30, got our tickets, bought some water at the concession stand and then entered the theatre. Every seat was filled by showtime. No one can budge. Since when did they start showing tons and tons of dumb commercials. The advertising world used to at least make a special commercial or two just for movie theatres. Now they show every piece of junk imaginable. These ads run on forever. I am not paying my money to watch advertisments. Then the previews start or should i say the barrage of previews. One or two is fine but when it gets to six and seven previews, i'm over it. This is all followed by the shut off your cell phones, please be quiet films. By the time the movie starts i'm ready to leave. I got out of Capote at about 8:15, nearly three hours later. I really wish they would release movies on DVD the same day it is released in theatres. I am so much more comfortable watching it on my high definition television with 5.1 surround sound. This Steven Soderbergh character is the first dude i've heard of who is actually going to release his movie on DVD the day it opens. It's a cheap little film he's made called "Bubble." There's no stars in it. Finally i feel like someone is trying to do something for me, the moviegoer. I hope this is the beginning of big changes in the film world. When i was a kid theatres used to show cartoons before the movie. People loved it and you felt like you were being given a treat. I would go back to movie theatres if they started showing a cartoon or two and one preview. It's unlikely to happpen so i will just do what i have been doing, wait for movies to come out on dvd before seeing them.


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