Feb 26, 2006

Forgive and Forget

I remember how terrible i felt when the nutty Taliban blew up those giant Buddahs in Afghanistan. They were 165 feet high. Today i read that the Sunni's blew up a beautiful Shiite shrine in Samarra, Iraq. They knocked down a huge golden dome. Now the Shiite's are going to be blasting a few Sunni mosques. Every week some animal burns a church to the ground in Alabama or Georgia. Me, i just like sitting in front of my flat screen television with a cold beer watching the show "Extreme Home Makeover." It's the opposite of all the bad news stories in the world. They find some unfortunate souls with huge problems like their whole family has cancer or half the family dies in a car crash. Then they bulldoze their house to the ground just like the Taliban. In it's place they build the greatest home you've ever seen with every modern space age convenience. I never fail to ball my eyes out like a big queer. My girlfriend Yun always reminds me, "hey isn't your makeover show on now?" She just likes to see me all weepy and sissylike so she can mock me. Just like Extreme Makeover, all those shrines, mosques, temples and churches will be brought back to life better than before. Hopefully in the end right wins out over wrong just like in the comic books. Maybe i'm too simplistic but i feel i know a lot about the real world. I watch it every week on MTV.


bazooka radio said...

the world is a depressing place.

and a cool place.

mostly just a confusing place where good and bad things happen.

like a grapefruit.

javoc said...

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