Feb 26, 2006


I did these drawing's at my freind Pat and Licha's farm in upstate New York. People always say to me it must be fun to draw. Yes it is but it is also torture. It's a kind of mental and physical torture. The only real fun is when i am finished and get to admire what i've accomplished. Drawing for me is a constant series of mistakes followed by constant attempts to correct the mistakes i just made two seconds ago. I need all the concentration i can muster. I'm never quite happy or satisfied while i'm in the actual process of doing it. It's very frustrating. People watching me must think that it looks very relaxing and joyful. I have a very calm exterior while i'm working but inside i'm full of doubt and anxiety. I don't want to put people off about drawing. I'm sure for some it is fun and relaxing. When i finish a drawing or two i am spent. i need to relax for a bit and rest my brain. Maybe the point i am trying to make is that even people who can draw quite well can have as much fear and uncertainty as someone who is a novice. So just keep trying. That's what i did.

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