Feb 26, 2006

Danny Gregory

The reason i journal is all because of a good friend of mine, Danny Gregory. He's published a few books on the subject and he has the best website bar none for learning how to journal. dannygregory.com. I have learned so much from this guy it's not even funny. I used to only draw in my house or office or stand at my easel and paint. He opened up a whole new world to me. Now i draw all the time. On a plane, in hotel rooms, travelling, waiting for a friend to arrive at a bar. Basically most of my free time is now in pursuit of being a better artist. It seems so obvious now to bring a small sketch book along wherever i go. But for 45 years i never thought to do it. Danny changed all that for me and i am very grateful to him. He also encouraged me to write my thoughts down. Believe me i have plenty of dumb thoughts rolling around in my head waiting to jump out onto the page. Go to his great website and you'll know what i'm talking about.