Feb 26, 2006


I've lived in manhattan for 25 years now. Recently it seems to be changing for the worst. The bowery has now become a place where new apartments go for 3 to 12 million dollars. The meat packing district has very little meat packing going on if you catch my drift. The second avenue deli is dead along with several other little eateries i used to frequent. All replaced by Starbucks, K-Marts, Dunkin Donuts and Chase banks. The only time i feel any creative energy or see any real mom and pop shops is when i visit Brooklyn. Of course all that is going to eventually change too. Especially when yuppie assholes like myself move in. I have become what i used to despise, the well to do jerk who sells his place for a lot of dough then moves into the seedy cool area only to want nicer places to open in that area. Thus attracting more advertising morons to move into the area until it is finally ruined. Watch out Brooklyn i may be on my way.

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andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Wow. I cannot believe I have never visited your blog before. I've seen your name and icon thousands of times and yet have never been here?? I just don't know where to start - where to comment. There is just so much amazing work. You know that feeling when you come across an artist who just makes you want to draw draw draw? This work is completley amazing, totally fantastic. I know that I will spend many an hour here from now on. So I don't want to see any more for now - I've already spoilt myself with a whole two months archives - I'll keep the rest for another time ...if I can resist. Your website looks cool too.