Dec 16, 2014

Dec 8, 2014

Time Of The Year

A reminder about the best 25 dollar gift of the year. My book. Perfect to give to those you love during the holidays. Available at Amazon, and Waterstones.

Dec 3, 2014

Follow My Yellow Brick Road

If you do not have an Instagram account, I suggest you get one. By not following me, you are missing out on a lot. Here is a little sample of the masterpieces I took in Tuscany. So don't be left behind. Follow me today. My next adventure is just around the corner.

Dec 1, 2014


Why? I was asked that many times while I drew this in the Museum of Natural History in New York. Why did you crop the bottom of this animal's head off? Why did you make the horns so big and crazy? As an artist, I want to push myself and give myself challenges. Also I want to crack myself up. Art is a grind but it is also rewarding. There is no better feeling than making a great drawing. It makes me feel relevant in the old art world. I passed a diorama inside the museum with this giant Koodoo staring at me. In an instant, I had a vision of doing this drawing. I believe that is called, a breakthrough.

Nov 25, 2014

Drawing Mate

This is a drawing of me done by Butch Belair when we were out drawing together one time. Butch is one of the few artists in the world that I can go out and sketch with. He takes as long as I do to make a drawing, like 5 hours. Many of the sketches in my new book were done while Butch was a few feet away doing his own painting. You can pick up my book, An Excuse To Draw, anywhere in the world at or in Europe at Waterstones. Also it is finally on AMAZON.

Nov 24, 2014

The Goog

I sat on the street drawing the Guggenheim Museum. What I was really thinking about was, sneaking my Sector 9 longboard inside. Then going to the top floor and skateboarding down all the circular ramps to the bottom and then out the door. Of course, I would have to Gopro the whole thing. I'm getting old so I will have to attempt it soon. My limbs are not as durable as they once were. It might be wiser to use a Razor scooter instead.