Feb 5, 2019

Popeye The Vegan

Most people are unaware that Popeye is vegan. I'm sure they also don't know that Lisa Simpson, Bugs Bunny, and Brian Griffin are also vegan. If they can do it, then so can you. Brooklyn based, Popeye the sailor man understands very well that a meat based diet requires 18 times more land than a vegan diet. That is why he's never eaten any.

Feb 4, 2019

Kane's Anatomy

I have enrolled in a new drawing class called KANE’S ANATOMY. Sometimes I get distracted because the instructor is very attractive. The good thing is that I’m the only student in the class. Some assignments are weird, like going to a figure drawing class and then finishing the page sketching skeletons at the museum of natural history. The squirrelly professor makes me sweat over every line. He’s not a big fan of my little striped bubbles but he let’s it slide. The teacher doesn’t know it yet but I may begin to cut classes to give myself a break from his intensity.

Feb 1, 2019

Minerva's Class

At the spring street studio figure drawing class there are a lot of really old dudes who attend religiously. Many times when I’m drawing I get pulled out of my deep sketching zone by a strange sound. I stop and listen, “what is that?” It always turns out to be one of the old dudes. It’s either their bizarre labored breathing or empty stomach gurgling or some other belching type tune. Every 12 minutes one of them has to pee which is a whole other adventure. You’d think I could just block it out by now but somehow it distracts me every time. I need to get some ear buds.

Jan 30, 2019

The Doctor Is In

When I go figure drawing, I now feel like a doctor. I see more naked bodies of every shape and size than most people will in a lifetime. Plus I have to stare at them so intently and memorize every square inch to be able to draw them so accurate. It's just like medical school except I don't recieve a degree. It won't be out of the question for some of the models to start addressing me as Doctor squirrel.

Jan 29, 2019

Pigs On The Barbie

Pigs have been found to be mentally and socially similar to dogs and chimpanzees. So maybe it would be a good idea not to barbeque them. Being vegan has its rewards. You're healthier and you feel better spiritually.

Jan 28, 2019


I was drawing the two girls sitting next to me at Big Object Studio, life drawing class in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. When I showed them what I was doing, the girl with the long hair said, "aren't you Tommy Kane?" Why yes. Turns out we met in my neighborhood a few years before. The world is shrinking.

Jan 27, 2019

Sketch Class

At these drink and draws, I’m the only one who doesn’t drink and draws.

Jan 25, 2019

Jan 24, 2019


When I showed up at one of my life drawing classes recently, I realized I forgot my glasses. This basically rendered me blind. So I decided to go with my colored pencils to try and hide the drawing battle that was about to take place due to my sight hinderence. This braille sketch came out better than I imagined, that is after I got home and was able to put on my glasses to actually see what I'd done. Next time I will try this without using the bird box method.