Nov 30, 2015


Recently I cracked some ribs. Even the slightest movement caused me pain. If I sneezed, I practically passed out. The other morning, I went to move our car and saw the passenger side window was smashed in. Ten dollars worth of quarters I use for parking, were stolen. The robbers were kind enough to leave my GPS and everything else. Considerate criminals, much appreciated. I took the car to be repaired then decided to draw for a while. I did this sketch on a somewhat deserted side street. I chose the street so no cars would come by and hit me because I was sitting almost in the gutter to get this angle of the hydrant. As I was drawing, 3 kids tried to mug me. This was a first. They snuck up behind me and tried to grab my knapsack which was full of my art supplies and drawing books. My phone was lying there too. When it happened, I jumped to my feet and everything went flying. My drawing book, the stool and my phone scattered. The main kid dropped the bag and there was a stand off of sorts. Pain from my wounded rib shot through my body which made me even madder. I realized I was vulnerable though. The only thing in my hand was my uniball pen with the top off. I told the one kid I would stab him with it. For a moment I meant it and he realized that. He must have seen the movie, "Casino," where Joe Pesci stabs the dude to death with a pen. He laughed at me but I could tell he was leary. They decided to move on. Out of nowhere a blue collar welder type guy showed up with a NY Giants cap on. He asked what happened. This dude seemed ready to get involved. He asked me if he should call the cops. I said no, they were just high school kids. It was over and I was fine, except my rib was killing me. Not easy being an artist these days.

Nov 24, 2015

Marble Monk

Here is another painting I did of a monk in my new, I am a genius technique series.

Nov 20, 2015

New Technique

Being a genius is not so easy. I always have to try and come up with something new. Take the latest technique I am beginning to work on for example. There was a class in marbleizing paper that I read about. Right then and there, this thought popped into my head. Could I do a drawing, so that only the face was marlbled? So I actually had to take the course. Then I recently tried out my theory and man was I right. I think I may have invented something. I know once tattoo artists start to see this on the interweb, then they will be actually doing it to real human people. When you see people with marble tattoos on their face, remember it was because of me.

Nov 18, 2015


World famous photographer, Craig Cutler, happens to be my friend. Recently he took a photo of me in Manhattan at night after we had dinner. The other day he told me that the photograph is now on his portfolio website in his Leica journal section. Early in my life, I spent a few years as a male model in NYC. The Times Square giant billboards of me started to get a bit embarrassing so I quit. Craig told me to not let the fact that he put me on his site, go to me head. Obviously it has because I'm telling everyone about it.

Nov 16, 2015


When Yun and I were in Myanmar, we hung out with our friend, Perrie Briskin. Recently she was in town and came to visit us. She gave me a whole bunch of these drawings as a gift. In Myanmar there are tons of little kids who go around selling post cards to the tourists in order to make money. One day Perrie spotted a little boy selling these drawings. He told her he wanted to make his own hand drawn post cards. She was impressed by his entrepreneurial spirit. Perrie thought I would love to have them which I do. I've got about 20 of them. They just held their first real election and Perrie was there to witness history. Hopefully this little artist will grow up in a freer country where he will be able to make a living with his talent.

Nov 13, 2015


This is my latest ceramic piece. It has been fired once. It is waiting to be fired a second time with a clear coat on it. I showed this picture to Yun and she asked me what the dark grey thing was on the plate. I was a bit surprised because I thought it was pretty clear. I told her it was the shadow from the floating macaroon. Then it became obvious to her. Sometimes when I do things, I am so close to it I can't really tell if what I do works or not. Is anyone else confused?

Nov 11, 2015


This is a last drawing that I will post from my sketchbook that I filmed myself going through. I'm sure everyone has watched it by now but if you haven't, check it out here.

Nov 9, 2015

My Bike

This is a drawing I did a while ago and never got around to posting. It was the last of my bicycle series.