Jul 23, 2014

Surf City

While sitting on the beach with my friend Darcy, I attempted a very difficult drawing. The sky was very overcast that day. The clouds were constantly moving and changing. Waves were crashing every 15 seconds. I decided to try and draw the scene in front of me. This was extremely hard to do. Every time I looked at what I was sketching, it had already changed. All I could do was to work hard and give it my best shot. There were times I wanted to give up but I forged ahead. This finished piece of art came out pretty damn good but it was a struggle. I really had to study how light and shadows played on the water. Now I know everything about waves. I even got in a little boogie boarding.

Jul 21, 2014

Preferred Seating

This drawing was done on a recent flight to London. How come whenever I fly on airplanes, I always sit next to freaks like this. I am never seated next to a super model. Why is that? "Oh look it's Karlie Kloss and Candice Swanepoel." They're in the next aisle, sir. The big giant smelly sweaty guy is going to be seated next to you. Great.

Jul 16, 2014


This is a drawing I did on one of my many excursions to the Museum of Natural History. The grooviest place in Manhattan. I put this print for sale in my ETSY store and it has been selling briskly.

Jul 14, 2014

Draw Tommy Kane

I posted a little about this before. Some 170 artists painted portraits of little old me and now I have made a blog where you can see them all. Some are so crazy, I love them. The originals are amazing to see in person. They were done mainly by artists from Sketchbook Skool. The student's talent and enthusiasm is over the top. Seeing these all in one place is hilarious. It's worth taking a look through if you want some laughs. They are all so original. Also if there are any other artists out there who would like to try one, just send me an email to: tom@tommykane.com and I'll send you a high rez photo of me to draw. And if you are on Tumblr, this is a good one to follow. More portraits to follow. Check it out here.

Jul 11, 2014

Highly Recommended

The Creative Bloq blog recommended my book as one of the top 30 summer reads for designers. Not too bad. I'll take it. A lot of heavy hitters on this list.

Jul 9, 2014


People love uniforms. Inside, they just want to really think of themselves as individuals though. When bellbottoms came out, everyone bought a pair of bell bottoms. When beards came in, everybody grew a beard. Tattoos are the same pollution. It's just that people want to think that theirs is unique. A tattoo is a rebel thing to get. How can it be considered a uniform? Unfortunately it is when every single jackass has 5 of them. People will say things like: "Mine's different, it's a unicorn on my butt." "Oh excuse me, you're right. Yours is different. How could I not see that?" On the beaches of the Jersey shore you see it play out big time. From really old ladies to effeminate teenagers. Everyone's got some dumb pen drawing, off centered, in a not very flattering place on their body. It would be sad if it wasn't so funny. They all seem happy and content with their symbol of individuality. The one they chose from a book of hundreds of little drawings and symbols. The same book everyone else chooses from. Maybe someone should get this drawing I did tattooed onto their back. That would be unique.

Jul 7, 2014

The Fourth

I am tan. The water was cold but I went in anyway. I hung out with ordinary, everyday Americans. They are as complacent as ever. The Yankees blow and so do my Mets but they didn't spent 300 million dollars to suck. The World Cup is great. My cat wakes my up every night at 3am. My chest hairs are turning grey. Life is good.

Jul 2, 2014

Mr. Sensitive

As an artist, I try to find beautiful things to draw. Flowers being one of them. When I make these type of drawings, everyone thinks that I am a super sensitive guy. Maybe there is some truth to that. My wife is always catching me weeping at dumb sentimental movies. She laughs and pokes fun at me. I guess I think of myself more of a jackass than a sensitive guy. Anyway, the fact that I can draw this stuff really well is a good ruse.