Jul 16, 2018


Yun and I went to the Finger Lakes over the 4th of July week. We stayed at our friends, Ben and Emmy's lake house. I drew what was hanging about. This deer skull was found by his daughter, Gabby, in the woods. She had been recently stung by 2 bees in a 24 hour period. Of course, I discovered a hornet's nest on his boat dock inside an abandoned, plastic owl with the head missing. You know those plastic owls that scare away other birds. Anyway, it made for an interesting urban sketch.

Jul 12, 2018


In the early 1980's, I was going to a movie in the afternoon. Andy Warhol and a friend were on the line in front of me to get their tickets. No one said a word or bugged him at all. That's what it was like in 1980's NYC. Not a camera phone in sight.

Jul 10, 2018

World Cup

Watched a thousand hours of FIFA World Cup this year. My record.

Jul 9, 2018


This drawing was done on-site at our pal's lake house. This catfish looking creature is called a bullhead. A deceased one washed up on the shore. I drew the houses from a kayak. These homes were not located near each other, I took creative license to move them around. So I had to paddle to find the ones I liked and then angle the kayak in the direction I wanted to draw each. The way I sketch is not so easy. Don't try this at home unless supervised by an adult.

Jun 27, 2018


Have we lost touch with how our food is really grown? This city dweller has.

Jun 18, 2018


Paul Cezanne. At Heni Talks dot com, there is a great 10-minute lecture about why Mr. C is considered the father of modern art. Become informed about how he started a landslide in the art world.