Sep 21, 2018

Duck News

Almost all duck meat in supermarkets and restaurants comes from factory farms. In nature, ducks spend 80% of their time on water and fly at speeds of 50 miles per hour. Most farmed ducks have no outdoor access.

Sep 20, 2018

Ireland Video

A recent trip to Ireland and my obligitory video of the trip.

Sep 19, 2018

Romantic Tale

A few years back, my dairy farming cousin who lives in Ireland married an amazing girl named Caroline. Before they were married, they stayed on holiday with my wife and I in New York. Caroline's sister, Aileen, also came along. Because I have a hundred cousins in Ireland, my wife and I seem to go to a wedding there evey year. We always run into Aileen and have grown quite find of her. At one of these weddings we even met her so-called boyfriend. Let's call him Alan (which happens to be his name). Last year, Aileen came to stay with us again. This time she brought along the so-called boyfiend. The first night with us, Yun inquired about the chances of getting married, after all it had been 7 years of dating. Aileen told Yun, "not anytime soon." A few nights later, the couple arrived back at our apartment after a day of touristing. Aileen said, that afternoon they went down by the water, next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Out of nowhere, Alan got down on his knee and shocked the living hell out of Aileen by proposing. No longer a so-called boyfiriend, but instead an amazing stand-up guy. Yun was so excited, she informed Alan that while they were in New York, he might as well visit the diamond district. The next goddamn day, she had a ring on her finger. This guy is full of friggin surprises. Anyway, we just got back from Ireland, celebrating their wedding. This framed drawing was our gift to them.

Sep 17, 2018

Snake On A Plane

I recently drew this snake on a plane. No longer do I draw airport stuff because I've sketched all that can be done. So I brought along some snake reference on my flight to Ireland. The rest of the drawing I did in my cousin's garden in Cork. I like this better than another illustration of someone sitting across the aisle from me in an airplane seat.

Sep 12, 2018

Jets Jets Jets

Every sports team I root for sucks. It's my curse. My lowly New York Jets football team finally may be on the rise after decades of disaster. A lot of this has to do with our brand new rookie quarterback, Sam Darnold. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope he can make my sunday afternoon football watching actually become joyful. But being a Mets, Knicks and Jets fan for so long, I can't help but feel some horror is just around the corner.

Sep 10, 2018

Iceland Landscape

When you drive across Iceland, you never see a single tree. This makes the landscape quite moody and alien. Plus eveything is so green. Not just green, but like 900 shades of green. One actually starts to meltdown from all the beauty. The land is very flat in places, which allows you to see for 50 miles in all directions. What happens is, you are seeing thunderstorms off to the right, sunny skies to the left, rainbows to the center, squalls to the rear. It is shifting and changing all the time. You might not believe this but on SEVERAL occations, I was in bright sunshine and it was raining like cats and dogs. The entire flooring of Iceland is created by volcanoes. I drew this field out the window of a hotel we stayed at. There wasn't another hotel or human for 100 square miles. You will notice that lava flowed from some giant volcano and then petered out in the middle of this field. The Lava rocks and boulders are completely covered over with moss. Thick moss that feels like an enourmous sponge. I kept expecting the Hound from the Game Of Thrones to jump out from behind a boulder and decapitate me. No such luck, thankfully.

Sep 6, 2018

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is the most expensive country on the planet. You have to be a billionaire to travel there. Luckily, I am. A scoop of vegan ice cream is like 50 bucks. A half a tank of gas is like 500 bucks. Plus I'm a big tipper. You will notice that grocery store cashiers to postal workers are all wearing Rolex watches and sporting very high end clothing. They are the highest paid workforce in the universe. We met an innkeeper who put himself through law school and it only cost him 5 grand. State pays for everything. All of that is beside the point because it is a gorgeous place to visit. The architecture of the little towns has it's own kind of simplistic beauty and charm. Once on the road, you see nothing but nature for hundreds of miles. A visual joy.

Aug 14, 2018

Fake Crab

An enormous seafood scam was recently uncovered. A certain company sold a whopping 398,000 pounds of Chesapeake blue crab mixed with cut-rate crab, which wasn't even the same species, from as far away as Indonesia or Brazil and labeled it as an American product. The retail value of the crab was roughly $14 million. It is difficult to say how widespread this problem is but a recent report found that nearly 40% of crab cakes tested contained imported meat. There is sure a lot of cheap seafood masquerading as higher priced delicacies. Us vegans aren't very affected by this.

Aug 9, 2018

Saira's Mom's Garden

I was drawing flowers upside down in the artist, Butch Belair's, mother-in-law's garden. Then when I was done, I lifted an idea from a drawing I admired by another artist friend of mine, Sue Rose. She recently did a drawing of her cat sitting on a chair at the dining room table. You could only see the top of the cat's head and 2 ears sticking above the table. It's good for artists to hang out with other artists, mostly for the purpose of theft. That's the moral of the story about this drawing. Lesson to art type people, "meet and hang out with lots of other artists".